Advanced music V4 4.6

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Ultimate solution if you want to have music section on your site, Soundcloud integration, Sticky html 5 player, more then 23 widgets and good design. Chars page, Playlists, Albums, Artists make this plugin very powerfully and user-friendly. Users can play songs on any device, mobile responsive.


  • Main features
  • Multiple uploads mp3 files and Soundcloud integration
  • Sticky player (play song, albums, artists songs, playlists) during your browsing site.
  • Good design and more then 23 blocks
  • Users can sell songs and add all information about song (album, artist, lyric, youtube video, cost and etc)
  • Based on standart phpfox music plugin (you will save current content).
  • Sticky player
  • You can play song from all songs widget, and on browse songs pages
  • Player will play song (album songs, artists songs, playlists songs), when you surfing site.
  • Good design and html5 standart player (works well on any mobile device)
  • Songs
  • Multiple uploads mp3 files
  • Multiple uploads soundcloud urls (download if song downloable, save stream if song streamable)
  • Browse songs, My songs, Friend's songs
  • Charts page (based on user play/download stats and featured items)
  • You may fill lyric, genre, album, image, cost (emoney plugin required) youtube video, artist of the song, during edit.
  • Like/comment/report
  • Share on social network using social buttons.
  • Blocks:
  • Most played songs
  • Most download songs
  • Most liked songs
  • Most commented songs
  • Featured songs
  • Song of the day
  • Featured horizontal songs
  • Similar songs
  • Albums
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Feature/Make album of the day
  • Add songs into albums
  • Like/comment/report
  • Share on social network using social buttons.
  • Play all songs in the sticky player
  • Blocks:
  • Max songs albums
  • Most liked albums
  • Featured albums
  • Album of the day
  • Featured horizontal albums
  • Recommended albums
  • Artists
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Feature/Make artist of the day
  • Browse artists
  • Add songs of artist
  • Add albums of artist and browse albums into artist page
  • Like/comment/report
  • Share on social network using social buttons.
  • Play all songs of artist in the sticky player
  • Blocks:
  • Most viewed artists
  • Featured artists
  • Artist of the day
  • Recommended artists
  • Playlists
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Feature/Make playlist of the day
  • Browse playlists
  • Add songs to different playlist (ajax interface on song page)
  • Like/comment/report
  • Share on social network using social buttons.
  • Play all songs of playlist in the sticky player
  • Blocks:
  • Most viewed playlists
  • Recent playlists
  • Featured playlists
  • Playlist of the day
  • Similar playlists
  • Admin can
  • Manage songs, Featured songs, Make songs of the day
  • Manage albums, Feature albums, Make album of the day.
  • Manage playlist, feature playlist, make playlist of the day
  • Manage artists, feature artist, make artist of the day
  • Many user groups settings
  • Setup soundcloud client id
  • Paid songs
  • You users can sell songs and get funds using our plugin Emoney.
  • Admin can setup % of commision of each payment.
  • Emoney plugin required.Buy emoney

Demo Links

(test admin user: pass: 123456)

Compatible versions

 Phpfox 4.2-4.6 (has been tested with latest version of phpfox!)

Screenshots (click to zoom)

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