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We are a bread paper bag manufacturer. For dessert shops and bakeries, you should still consider several options when buying paper bread paper bags. We will go through them, especially those you should consider during the design process.
First, we must choose the size that suits your product.
We tried to choose some fairly descriptive names for the bread paper bags, but in short, the size is not so wide but long instead. They are not the size of the bread paper bag on 7/11, but the biscuit bag is still very suitable for a snack bag of two biscuits and a few croissants. Sandwich bags are perfect for sandwiches made from baguettes or other longer breads.
Wheat bread paper bags are suitable for bread in bakery and can be taken home for breakfast. We call the largest size Big Brother, because it does not become wider, but longer-which means it can be used as a takeaway bag. We have some customers who use it as their customers to carry burgers on the go.
Number of colors
Using bread paper bags, you can choose up to 4 different colors in the design. There is no limit to the colors you can choose, which allows you to choose from different ones. The number of colors means you can choose a truly specific color if you need it to match your brand image. Remember, the price of each color you want in the design will be different-but it still provides you with a lot of design opportunities in 4 colors.
You can choose between two different background colors-you can get a completely white background or craft brown. (You can also choose another background color because we can print on the whole bread paper bag) White is very suitable for color design because it can better reflect the color. Craft brown will give a more natural and environmentally friendly appearance.
How to design
The design process of the paper bread paper bag is actually very simple, because you only need to download our template and design it on your computer, and then enter the color you use. If you are not sure how to design, then we can also provide you with some professional advice.
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