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Cries of horror could be heard from the ancient, dark, shabby house in the middle of the night. When somebody approached the old house, he felt a cold run through him and his body began to tremble.
He felt as if he was approaching the edge of the abyss of horror. When the red moon was high above me, the ancient house's windows sparkled faintly with crimson light, the crows in the trees seemed to be peering at humans, ready to fly down at any moment, and I sensed the approach of death, I don't know when. I smashed the door down, hoping to learn the truth about the old house's past and the horrors that had been forgotten, not realizing that the silence would be shattered and the dread would follow...
Playing horror games such as Silent house and poppy playtime allows you to experience those terrifying horror stories, and our original goal was to create a game that would make you fearful.
In the Silent house game, you play as a detective who must overcome dread by using clues and props to solve the puzzle and uncover the horrific truth hidden in history. But be careful, there are terrible creatures lurking in the shadows, and you must not disturb them.
In the Silent house game, you travel to the house where the cry bursts out in the night, breaking the silence of the house, and the history of dread begins to enter the cycle again as a detective, in order to unravel the truth in the house of horror.
In this game, affection, love, and friendship began to be put to the test, wandering not to go to the ghost is stirring, the figure of fear has been with you, leading you to the unfathomable abyss. Be cautious; do not believe all you see; terror cannot be immediately felt. I'm hoping you'll be able to uncover the truth about the old house's history and horrors.
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