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You probably love taking photos. I love to capture the best moments of my life and revisit my photo album in the evenings. But my old camera is broken. So now I need to choose a new device. Here are the types of cameras for photography that I didn't know about until recently.
Initially, I knew there were DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. But I didn't know much of a difference. The fact is that these devices differ in the principle of frame capture. But the most important option is built-in stabilization. So it is best to buy cameras with all the options, like optical stabilization in the kit set. Then you won't need to spend a lot of money on lenses.
I also decided that battery capacity was important to me. The fact is that I walk for hours in parks and streets. So it would be nice if the camera could take more than 500-800 shots before being completely discharged. In addition, I believe that all modern cameras should shoot video. So look out for better resolution, OIS, and Dynamic AF.
And don't forget moisture protection. Your new device must be able to stand at least a couple of minutes in the rain to create spectacular photos. Again, this aspect is not critical, but I would not want to pay for repairing the matrix and the lens.
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