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To construct this Rune Burial Armor Set, the user would require 96 Rune Bars. The total amount of progress needed to make this armor set is 33,120. While the total exp a player earns for finishing this armor is 35,136. You'll need to make it the Rune Armor Set + 3 first, and then you'll be able to make your Rune Burial Armor Set. In order to make this, you'll need more than 96 Rune bars.
For the complete set, you'll receive 28,800 points. Whereas the experience you get with making Rune Armor Set is 23040. If you add it into the cemetery anvil, this Rune Armor Set + 3 changes into a Rune Burial set. Do not fret, you won't have to invest any more Rune bars in it. You'll only get 12,096 exp. For this exp, you'll need to give up the entire set of armor.
Although it seems that making Burial Armor for Runescape is not worth it because the smithing cost of making Burial Armor in any form is too high. But the amount of exp is gained from making Armor Sets Armor Set is too big to overlook . It's among the most efficient methods of gaining the exp you need to smith while AFK. Be sure to fill the smelter with iron ore and coal, so you don't need to get it back again.
With the changes to and eventual closure of Duel Arena, the Old School RuneScape team had promised a replacement. The alternative has been revealed the PvP Arena. The new option has several features that will provide an optimal and balanced player experience and lessen the number of scams which had become frequent.
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