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Armenian Lullaby Album

October 11, 2018 by at Armenia , in Arts
The first Armenian lullaby album combining traditional pieces with a modern touch, performed in a male voice.
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October 12, 2018
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October 11, 2018
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Campaign Information

Welcome to our Kickstarter campaign! This is Khatchadour Khatchadourian’s 5th album, and a unique collaborative project with Sirouhi Semerjian and Hasmig Tatiossian. Here’s our story and why we’d love your support.

The precursor to launching the lullaby album started when my daughter, Mila, was born. I'm very passionate about the Armenian culture, and wanted to instill the same love for who she is from a very early age. Knowing how important language and singing can be for infant bonding, I set out to teach myself Armenian lullabies. I started searching on all kinds of social media platforms, such as Youtube, Armenian websites and Instagram/Facebook pages, as well as Google, and realized that what I found was very limited in quality and variety. I wanted Armenian lullabies that were soothing, weren’t performed in operatic voices, and the lyrics of which I could easily understand. As a new mom, it was too time-consuming to decipher lyrics and my energy would not allow for so much extra work at a time when I was barely sleeping.

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Aland Islands October 11, 2018
Backed: 60$

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