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Sponsored Auctions
April 12, 2019 - 465 Views
This module was created to give merchants ability to sell products on auctions in easiest possible way. Auctions are the great way to attract and keep customers in your social network. You will be sure that customer is paying right price for your products. You don't have to negotiate prices with customers anymore. Managing auctions is very intuitive, and fully integrated with your Phpfox. You will feel like it's not a module but integral part of the Phpfox.
Latest bids
Noel Gipson
placed the bid 2022$ to
October 3, 2019
placed the bid 3700$ to
June 23, 2019
Jamal Jane
placed the bid 15000$ to
May 27, 2019
Top Bidders

8 Bids


4 Bids

Joss Kan

2 Bids

Auction Statistic
12 Auctions
5 Sellers
21 Total Bids
5 Bidders
2.6k+ Average Bid
1 sales
1.4k+ Total Views
4 Total Likes
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